How can I draw on a PDF?

Download the PDF file by clicking on the link. Save it to your hard drive, and print the entire PDF on the back of paper.

How do I use the PDF?

It is important to remember the correct format of the pdf. If you are printing on a printer you will need to convert the PDF to Adobe Acrobat. If you are printing via your browser then you have to open the pdf, and then click and drag the entire page into the desired address. There is no formatting required.

You can also print the entire page.

I need a specific version of the PDF, is that possible?

Yes, we offer separate PDFs for print on softcover or coverstock. It is not possible to order both.

You will need to have a hardback copy of the book.

I have already purchased a separate book, what do I need to do?

You should not have to purchase a separate book in order to get the PDF.

I have already downloaded a PDF and am unsure how to use it.

You will need a PDF Reader plugin on your browser. There are several other plugins on the web to view the PDF.

There will be a message in the document with your PDF download and the location of the correct file.

The PDF will download.

There is a small print which you will need to print with the PDF. It will be printed on a different page than the one that the pdf was placed in.

You should be able to get in touch with me via email or phone to arrange for these files.

When and where can I download the PDF?

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Please download the PDF file from the page that you wish to print. If you are not sure when or where to download the PDF, please use the address provided in the “Buy The PDF” section of our site.

What if I need to do something while I am reading?

Once you have downloaded the PDF to your hard drive and printed it out, please turn off the printer. The pdf may then download. Please turn that off. We ask that you avoid staring at your computer screen while you work.

I am downloading a PDF to save on my hard drive, and it isn’t showing up. Is this normal?

The PDF will be downloaded, and is then placed in your file manager. It takes a while from that. So please wait to see if it shows up