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Do you draw it like a real car or a cartoon car?

I was working on a cartoon car for a kids’ show, and the animator kept asking me, like “Wouldn’t it be cool if you were to draw a normal real car?” I’d say, “Well, let’s make it real”. I was like, “Okay,” so I drew some cars on a blackboard just to get my thoughts in order. One day I was so angry that I went to the car wash and drove by it. It wasn’t there; the car wasn’t built.

Then it dawned on me – no car is built like that.

It was a kid’s car?

Yes, it was a kid’s car, which was so cool. That was when I knew for sure that I couldn’t draw a real car. But, then I did this real car. I was so angry that I came back in and drew it. You can’t do that as an animator because your life would be over. I was so mad!

But you drew it, didn’t you?

Yeah, so I just sat in front of it and drew. The animator took all the animation and he put it together for a second. He said that the body was just a flat, white, black piece of paper; there were no curves. But then he put together the whole body in 3D, and it looked so cool!

What’s your theory on a cartoon car’s shape?

To me it means an open, round, square-like shape. A real car wouldn’t have any square or round shape; it makes a square and round with no corners. I was very happy with it because, you know, I saw these kids sitting on the corner of the street, and a cartoon car would have looked like a big, fat blob. Not really a car at all. I mean, it is more like a toy or a car toy…

What’s your theory on a good car?

The best way I ever learned to draw a car – when I was doing cartoons – was that a cartoon car isn’t just a big oval. It isn’t just a big circle. It curves around. That was the most fun for the young animators. I mean, this is when I was on top. I mean, if they drew real cars it would have been great, but I think a cartoon car is better than a real

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