How do you draw a car sketch?

I like to imagine the driver and the passenger. I’m always drawing a woman looking through the window. For a car drawing, it’s also important to imagine a driver as well. Usually, I draw the woman because the driver looks like an angel. But they can also be the same person, like the devil-like version of me. It’s also important to have the driver look at the passenger and have the passenger see the driver. If I have a child inside the car, then when I’m drawing it, I think about the family of the driver. It’s also great to have a picture of the car in front of the driver.

How do you draw a car accident?

I draw on black paper, and sometimes I even give it to a doctor. I put the accident there and he will talk to me. You can also give it to the police. It’s not so bad if you’re not a doctor.

What’s your favorite thing about drawing cars?

Every time I make my drawing, I have a sense of the story behind it. I can’t stop thinking about what happened behind the scene. It feels so satisfying to draw a good story.
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What are your favorite places to draw cars?

It’s always a pleasure to draw these things on the street. I love the architecture. I like to draw the car as it’s not there.

When drawing a car, do you put the driver at the back?

It depends on the situation. I usually put the driver at the back of the car. You don’t want the driver to think about the passengers. The drivers don’t think about the passengers. There’s also a need to think about the car so it doesn’t take the passengers’ places.

Do you have a sketchbook?

Yes, and I have an iPhone too. The iPhone is the easiest way to create an unlimited number of sketches. You can create many sketches and save them.

How did you find your artistic passion?

After high school, after studying design and architecture, I was bored. When I was at home, it was the first time there weren’t lots of people around, and I was the only one there. So I decided to write something in the street and it seemed to be pretty interesting, so I decided to stay there for a month. Then I thought I had to find a job somewhere, so I left Italy without knowing how my life was going to