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I draw a picture of it, because I like seeing her face.

Q. What do you know about the “Kitty-chan” phenomenon?

A. A video clip shows how kittens are being treated in a Japanesiac farm. This particular video appeared on YouTube, but unfortunately I can’t find the original video. But it was just made by “”, the blog I used to collaborate with and I am a board member.

Q. How did you end up doing it?

A. In 2006 when I lived in Tokyo, I was visiting a cat cafe in Ikebukuro. My friend told me that “Kitty-chan” had made it to YouTube there.

Q. Why do cats do things like that?

A. They do it because it is fun! It’s cute. That’s one of the reasons cats have such a big social standing. It’s amazing to see a kitten play with a mouse in front of others!

We’re back! Well, probably.

We’ve got a massive announcement to tell you all today. We’re making another huge deal about the new features and functionality of The Sims 4.

That’s it for this update, folks. Enjoy!

– The Sims Team

UPDATE 8/23/13: There have been some exciting things happening in the world of The Sims 4 in recent hours. Here’s an update that touches on some of that new information:

The Sims 4: Make a Wish

Now, with Make a Wish, you may wish for special items and Sims to make a wish for you. This will require you to select which items you wish for, but you may wish for one of them, as well as be able to have another wish for them, the item, or other Sims.

What is more incredible, with Make a Wish, you could choose to get a unique Sim (from your Collection) just for Wish making! If the Sim in question has the Make a Wish ability, the only items will change are the ones to be wishes. Make a wish only on a Sim you have in your Collection, though. You’ll get that Sim’s uniqueness if you get him or her as a gift. To get another Sim as a wish you may have to create a Wish from scratch to wish for more than one Sim.

We’ve also got another news update from our friends over at EA on a bit about the upcoming patch,

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