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I’m thinking about the film “The Crocodile Hunter” — but, as you may know, the idea of a crocodile isn’t new. There have been a lot of crocodiles in the movies, but there’s never been a live crocodile. I guess that’s a testament to how much of a visual artist the filmmakers must be if they got people to see crocs and then brought them to life. Well, I think it’s just a matter of time before you can build a live crocodile and be on the road in front of it.

Can you tell people’s favorite crocodile bites, and how were they injured/killed? Have there been any that you’ve had personally? I have my favorite crocodile bite. I mean, I’ve eaten several in my lifetime as I’ve grown up, and I can tell you that the first one that came to mind was a lot like — I don’t think it came at first, but I got a huge bite on my face. I got a small bite just below the corner of the eye — I’m sure it could have been worse — but that is when a crocodile bites the upper lip and that is exactly what a crocodile does on its prey. But, that was the first one in the film that really happened to me.

Where do you see yourselves in a decade of crocodile movie-making? I think people will want to see the next “Frog Face.” I’d like to be the person who is there, telling people to go see the next “The Crocodile Hunter” in the theaters. And then I would like to do the next “The Crocodile Hunter.” And then, maybe, I’d like to do that before I go to work at The Daily Beast.

But when it comes down to putting on a film, a lot of it comes down to, how would the audience know what we’re saying is good acting or bad acting? Or, why bother? Because if you don’t know what we’re saying is good or bad, we’re not really doing the film that well.

This article originally appeared in the September issue of Billboard Magazine — in addition to being digitally reprinted with permission, a version is available for purchase here.

Over the past two years, there’s been plenty of buzz surrounding “P!nk” singer/songwriter/activist Lady Gaga’s feminist anthem, “Artpop.” For the past few months, she’s been getting a lot of

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