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You don’t. It’s a human head. You’ve got a different sense of humor. (Laughs) You do have a sense of humor now, right?

A couple of questions: When I was younger, I didn’t know what gender was before I saw that movie [Sideways]
How to Draw Finn Mc Missile from Pixar’s Cars with Easy ...

Q: So in this movie, it’s more of a comedy — how do you keep from playing yourself?


A: Well, we had to do a lot of research to figure out where do we want to take the movie. It’s more of an homage to a lot older films, and like the first Pirates movie is a tribute to the original film, where you can’t understand [the characters] that well. So there are a number of references to old movies, and one of them is The Godfather [1972].

He’s a criminal, and he’s out here — he’s taking a vacation in a luxury liner. His family were on the trip from the U.S. I thought that was a great homage to the original, because the old films have sort of a romanticized version of it, the original was not kind of a romanticized version of crime.

That being said, I have this fascination with this film, because when I was younger I didn’t know what gender was before I saw that movie. So my reaction is, this is just a fun little reference for us. And, you know, if you watch [the movie], you don’t see me in it, you see him. So I think, at that age, they really didn’t want me in it.

Q: How do you balance this with your career? It seems like a pretty cool job — and to be able to do it while also having a child that you’ve never worked with is pretty insane.

A: It’s insane. I’ve done a lot of comedy films. And so the kid who plays him is not a stunt double. I’ve directed the entire world premiere of my new movie, which is a lot of work, the whole world premiere, and they didn’t like what they saw, and that’s something that I think about.


The kid is a kid, there’s a kid involved with the movie, and so the idea of how to handle it, as a kid to have to be involved and deal with that is, again, just an incredible challenge. But there are a number of great actors in the

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