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It’s all about the eyes. The eye-line is the same in all unicorns. Look at a unicorn with one eye and one horn – that’s an easy one. Then you add horns, brows, and a mane, and it’s obvious which one is the easy one. And there’s something special about a unicorn who has long, flowing manes.”

“You’re right, there’s something special when you think it through. There are always exceptions. I once gave a lecture on unicorns in which I drew a unicorn with two stags with long horns on top of him. I thought it was an easy one to draw. And I drew a nice unicorn with two stags. But when I tried to draw a unicorn with horns on its head, it’s different. That’s when I started wondering if there is something special about unicornheads. They seem to be quite easy to draw. If you really know how to draw their heads, they don’t take long. When I was first asked to draw an easy unicorn two or three years ago, I had no idea what unicornheads were. Maybe noone knew, but it looked interesting.”

“A lot of your students find some of your work interesting. Where do the others come from?”

D’Souza: “There are two areas that my students come from. The first area is that I draw what I consider to be beautiful unicorns and it seems that my students also like them, so they seem to come from a kind of artistic or artistic-compositional standpoint. The second area is that I really like animals so they come from a cultural standpoint,” he says.

“This is interesting. What are the ways that your students come into the visual field?” I ask him.

“I think a lot of our students come from an artist’s viewpoint,” D’Souza says. “They see art as something to be admired and as something that should be created. I think most of our students come from a more utilitarian standpoint with lots of personal interests.”

“What is it about the visual world that attracts artists?”
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“I like the visual world because it’s interesting. It’s something I can work on all the time. I find it to be so easy to read, so I make mistakes a lot, and I have to draw over and over to learn, but I love the visual scene. I think it makes up for the rest of the work. It’s

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