How do you draw a giraffe?

By looking at how the eyes work and how they move together in the brain. You’ll learn everything you need to know to draw an awesome giraffe!

Giraffe Brain Anatomy

This lesson is about understanding how the giraffe brain looks like. The brain consists of three parts; the cerebellum, the limbic system and the hypothalamus.

The cerebellum is found in the center of the cerebrum. This makes it the body’s most active part. The cerebrum is the brain’s center of decision-making and planning. It allows a giraffe to decide which direction to take when it decides to move its head or feet.

The limbic system is found in the trunk of the brain, between the cerebellum, and the amygdala. It allows a giraffe to feel emotions. Emotions allow giraffes to understand the thoughts and feelings of others.

The hypothalamus controls our hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. These hormones influence our growth and development. It is the part of the brain thought to regulate our overall health.

Giraffes are considered very aggressive and protective in nature. The reason is because they are born with a high level of intelligence. Also, their body is designed to withstand a lot of stress!

The University of Pennsylvania announced the creation of an online journalism program Tuesday, but its first class will probably not be online.

“The University of Pennsylvania has announced an online Journalism Class for Fall 2015. The focus of the online Journalism program is on a combination of teaching, research and a collaborative network of faculty who bring experience, expertise, and perspectives to the classroom,” U. Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann wrote in an email to students, staff and the media Monday morning.

That initial class is open only to students who have graduated from the journalism program of the University of Southern California, Penn media critic Adam Gopnik wrote in a blog post.

Gopnik did not have a full list of accepted students for the class yet.

The university plans to bring in a faculty member to teach the class. Its curriculum will include journalism and political science core courses as well as the course with graduate writing credits.
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Penn does not plan to require student evaluations, but is interested in feedback from students.

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