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By a giraffe.

Diploma in Car Design-Assignment 3A
He’s not getting up. Not trying to start his day. Nothing’s going on there. Not a thing. He’s not even trying to see anything.

There are just so many different shades of gold in him. So many different shades of orange. I mean, that’s what he is. This is what he is: an animal that’s just a little bit different.

When you see it in real life, though, the giraffe is so amazing. He is the most adorable creature that you could imagine. So what happens is I had to draw him as a giraffe, using this old school pencil and paint. So, in fact, I got to work with the animals at the zoo where they’re based in London. It was such a different process – I’ve seen it done before, but it was really interesting to see everything from that perspective. So you know, he’s kind of like this giraffe thing! He’s kind of cute, but he’s just so bizarre.

What you really see when you’re drawing this creature is his head. His face. What you see is his eyes and his mouth. He has big, funny, furry teeth. And when you know his face and you know something about what it looks like, you know that it’s a giraffe. And then you have to get him walking, because that’s a little bit scary. So when you see them, it’s kind of like, “OK, we’ve got the face on, so what do we do with him?”

How do you do that?

Well, there’s nothing to just put the head on him and do this. Like, “OK, what’s going to happen to his head? What is he going to do?” That’s kind of the process. It was kind of fun. It’s a little weird, because it’s something you see only a handful of times in the world. You’ve never actually seen it in the wild.

Well, you see it when you’re reading it, and then you see it again when you try to do the pose and try to remember your pose. That’s not the only time there’s an effect that’s happened in the artwork, but that’s something you really have to absorb.

This book is very autobiographical and personal, and I thought that was a really smart move. I knew that was going to work, but the first question that came to mind is:

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