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We draw our giraffes using traditional techniques that have been around for centuries. We start by measuring the giraffe itself, then use the giraffe’s body structure to make up its shape. These are the methods that have contributed to the giraffe’s enduring look.

How closely do you draw a girana?

The girana (a Greek word for “the giraffe”) is a short, elegant animal that is often compared to a hippopotamus and the elephant, but its long neck and strong legs give it an unusual ability to fly.

What does a girana bite?

A girana is a beast with a powerful bite. It uses its massive jaws to crush food (which it can eat inside its mouth) and is capable of ripping flesh from bone. When it is defending itself, its large fangs are often used to tear flesh from the neck, eyes, and lips.

What animal should a new reader look forward to seeing at the museum?

You’ll be happy to discover that the Givr-Cet species is endangered, mostly due to the introduction of rats and mice to their habitat. These pests have increased their numbers through the use of pesticides and are now common throughout the Giraffa Valley and throughout the world.

Are you ready?

We invite all young and experienced giraffe conservationists to experience our collection at the Giraffe Sanctuary at Cetland National Park. We look forward to learning from you and will always be there to share our passion for the animals of Giraffa Valley, so make sure you come by!


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