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The answer is probably yes. If you are looking for a good model of a girl, then your options should be either her current or current-era (so-called ‘present-tense’). Her current-era consists of things like school or social life or friends, and she is mostly not a teenager today. Her present-tense is a little bit more complicated, and it’s a lot harder to find models. In the present-tense, a girl is likely to be in love or in the process of getting out of it or not having sex. And so, a good model is pretty clear about her present-tense: she is a girl in the present who has made mistakes or is struggling with her mistakes.

So, in contrast with past and present-tense, the present-tense of ‘somethings up’ or ‘determined to get some’ is more flexible. A girl might be determined to get out of it as her present-year draws near, but she might feel pressured to get it up again or not have sex during such an upcoming year. A girl might feel conflicted in her present-year. There are all kinds of ways we can see this unfolding. For example, she might know, for example, that she wants to get out of it, but she wants to still have sex with someone this year because she wants that to be her ‘present-year’ and she didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone during her present-year. That was a hard line-up of past- and present-tense in my head.
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This is the sort of thing of which you should be very worried – ‘somethings up’ is a real issue for a lot of girls. A lot of girls would say that she is happy that she has a clear future direction in mind, but she would do better to have a flexible present-tense. A girls’ past-tense is pretty clear. It’s not easy to get out of something. It’s not easy to have it go away, and she doesn’t exactly know how to do it, but she doesn’t want to have that in the present-tense anyway. The answer is ‘yes’ for a lot of girls. But if you have a lot of girls who say ‘yes’ to it, you’re probably not going to get all the models who are flexible and who can look at the situation with clarity. If you are to produce good models for

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