How do you draw a Lamborghini?

“A bunch of little things.”

That was not the first time the Italian supercar builder had encountered a Lamborghini prototype prototype. “The first prototype was a Lamborghini Huracan,” he said. “That little blue thing is actually a Lamborghini Huracan RWD that’s just been stolen from a factory. We brought that along to show people.”

The man behind the concept is Giancarlo Zuccaroni: a 30-year-old mechanical engineer living in a small town in Italy known for driving his Ferrari 458 Italia in every possible car category.

“I drive a lot of different models,” Zuccaroni said. “It is an important thing for me to be able to combine one to three different models and make a whole series of models to make a concept.”

Zuccaroni’s father, Giulio, a Ferrari engineer who had recently retired, had given him the green light to make the concept. “It’s his project and he was happy to let me do this project.”

The Lamborghini is equipped with a six-cylinder engine that produces 475 horsepower. It features a chassis that consists of five different types of wheels. (Photo: Ferrari)

The Lamborghini was also equipped with an eight-cylinder motor that produces 475 horsepower, and its chassis is made up of 10 different types of tires. Zuccaroni’s first goal was to make it look like a Lamborghini Aventador, but when he tried to paint the car bright red, he was disappointed to learn that he was out of red paint. And even if he managed to paint the car bright red on purpose, it would not look right. “I told him, ‘What if we paint it a different color?’ ” Zuccaroni recalls. “That got the idea to paint it red, but I think that would be too dark for this particular car. At a certain time, you need color to keep the vision clear. That’s why it came to red.” The idea of doing an electric car inspired Zuccaroni and he began working on the electric version of the Lamborghini supercar.

Lamborghini engineers in Milan, Italy, work on various prototypes. The car shown here is the prototype for the Lamborghini electric car. (Photo: Ferrari)

The electric vehicle was built in Milan, Italy, using lightweight materials, a carbon fiber body that’s thinner than a sheet of paper