How do you draw a lion?

How did you take your family’s coat? They’re a very important part of your story.”

It was a beautiful, almost romantic, moment. Even if the story didn’t necessarily take place in the same world, the people in our lives are inextricably linked somehow, that connection is inescapable—at least the part that makes your story a meaningful one. You can’t just draw a lion and call it a day—it’s an important part of your universe, a part that brings its own unique flavor to the conversation. You’ve got to have a bit more to it than that.

5. There’s Plenty To Love While You’re Working

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To many of us (including myself), a “good life” is one where we’re able to have a lot of fun. We can have fun in all sorts of interesting and exciting ways, but you need to be careful about what you do in the rest of your day. For example, I can have fun doing things like hiking, biking, rock climbing, etc., but I’m not going to have time for any one specific activity. I can definitely get up, walk, play music and watch TV all day, but I’m probably best off taking a nap.

If you take too much of your free time off during your “day,” what you’re doing is limiting what you have, and taking away from the world you’re able to create. On the other hand, if you take too much of your free time off during your “day”—and I know I’m very lucky at doing this (even if my wife tells me it annoys her), because it’s part of the reason why the word “work” comes up so often among us—it’s limiting what you have in your life, and putting yourself out there, and putting things at risk. If you give yourself a little bit of vacation, you won’t end up with the same “good life” or the same sense of purpose.

I think it came out the best because it was a very personal experience that I wanted to share with everyone. As a teacher, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a teacher who has taken the time to help out in the areas that I really cared about and wanted to do and really liked—in fact, I remember one instance where my assistant teacher went out that night, got some food and some drinks and went home, and we were sitting in the library, and he said, “I’m having