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Aboard a Borg cube, Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine find a dead captain’s assistant who’s been replaced by a Borg drones.

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Seven and Seven of Nine are performing an autopsy on a Borg drone whose corpse was discovered while inspecting a damaged ship. Seven scans the dead captain’s assistant as she lays on the table, and discovers that she’s been replaced by a new Borg drone, a female.

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On engineering, Paris is examining the ship’s power distribution. Seven, after the autopsy, tells him off for having not realized a Borg drone had replaced the corpse – or rather, what it had replaced.

In the holodeck, she says she was able to see the old captain’s face and his voice when he was telling them about the Borg Collective. He said he was not sure if they were alive anymore, but he wanted to make sure they were gone. “I have to admit, I was a little scared at first,” she notes. “You wouldn’t do anything like that to a captain’s assistant.” She also notes that no one has come to her to ask what happened to her, and so she was willing to let the Borg take her for whatever they want. Then, Janeway enters the room, telling Paris she needs to give Seven a bit of a briefing. She informs Seven that her next mission, to intercept a Tzenkethi drone, will be a test of her skills, and she should not be surprised if it goes disastrously wrong. “I’m not the only one to lose a colleague,” she remarks quietly. After she leaves, Seven, sitting in her captain’s chair, says she is having a lot of fun in there – “but you can’t tell the captain what you’re enjoying.”

On Voyager, Paris is watching an episode of The Twilight Zone titled “The Man Who Fell to Earth”. Paris explains to Seven (who has been talking about the episode, to the point where she’s thinking about whether to tell Janeway about it) that in the episode there is a scene showing a group of characters entering a Borg cube. Seven asks Janeway “Why does nobody die on The Twilight Zone?” But for some strange reason, Janeway refuses to tell her anything, leaving Paris looking for a way to get back to the holodeck and rewatch the segment in question. Seven