How do you draw a Mustang?

Thing is, I don’t know. I’d be lying if I said I did. I just looked at these cars and thought ‘Well, maybe this one will look really cool. I can make it look cool.’ I did say, ‘Let me think of a name.’ So, I was really lucky to have [my friend] Greg as my engineer for all that because he’s kind of the glue that kind of makes it all happen. When we were first putting together the concept and all that stuff, the first thing we did was see what we loved about different cars: what they reminded us of. And that’s kind of a fun thing to start to look at – what are they about? Are they about a brand? Do they have any particular relationship to something we like, or are they a brand for the specific individual that is going to own and ride one?

So, you start with the idea of what’s different about a car. In general, what are some of the things that you look for? How do you get into this?

I remember I had a Mustang that drove a lot differently than the original version that was introduced. The steering wheel and pedals that you did have were so different that someone really needed to be able to drive this car a lot differently than just driving, where the old Mustang would usually stay on the gas. So that’s kind of the first thing we really got into, figuring out which features we’d like to add to the car that really made it feel different. So the first item that actually came was the hood, the hood that got redesigned. The whole car has been upgraded.

And the way the car was supposed to look changed too, right?

Yeah, there were two main things. One was an aerodynamic hood. That was something that I liked on the original Mustang, but we didn’t really have a way to really get away from the hood that didn’t compromise air flow or give the car an uncomfortable ride. We did start to add that, with a modified front end, and then we continued to add it. So now, it’s got that real hood looking kind of like the original.

Do you look at any of the new models? Or do you just put them all into your brain and decide later what you want to do?

I love all the cars that are really new. I’m really excited about the new cars that I see and drive and look at every day. But it can be