How do you draw a tank? – Simple Cartoon Car Drawing

“I can’t even do a waterline, let alone anything else. I’ll try as long as I can.”

We asked our experts for their recommendations for the best way to learn. Here’s what they said.

When our readers are struggling with a skill that’s difficult for them or that can’t be taught in an hour, we often like to put up a link to our own videos or articles that teach the material in a way you can understand along with suggestions for improvement. Here are our favorite suggestions.

(Read on to see how we ranked these articles.)

This site is the one I use most.

The best video online is this. Don’t get me wrong: It’s awesome! But that alone is not enough. The site goes beyond that by showing you some of the best tips on different topics like:

How to learn in 5 minutes when you’re tired (1 minute) and how to learn in 5 minutes when you’re hungry (20 minutes)

How to practice math concepts (9 minutes)

How to learn to walk on your own two feet (13:05)

How to learn how to talk to people (7 minutes)

There are so many useful videos in one place!

How to learn how to make a living and build a career

I can’t get enough of that guy.

The best things you can do to learn are:

Listen to music.

Make noise .

Do something really, really cool.

This one is obvious, but I still like it. It puts the importance of listening to music on a pedestal instead of just being a waste of time. It makes learning that much easier.

How to learn how to learn (in 5-10 minutes)

How to learn how to read (in 10 minutes)

How to learn to code (in 30 minutes)

How to learn to communicate using symbols (20 minutes)

How to find the most useful resources (in 30 minutes)

A big thanks to the guy at The Ultimate Guide to Learning How To Learn, who taught me how to learn how to walk again (and he did not do that for free, by the way).

What advice do you have for anyone who is struggling with an unfamiliar skill?

It may seem like it’s impossible to learn a new skill. But there’s a reason this is so. And that reason

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