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By the truck-load. You don’t want a load of trucks; you want a load of stuff. The truck is a great vehicle and a great resource for our economy. So when someone says to you, “Why don’t you just put a ton of stuff on a truck and just sell it?” then you have a problem. It’s not the truck itself but the supply you have to compete against. The supply of trucks can’t be met by the quantity of stuff. If we look at that truck, and take what’s inside, we need at least 2,500 gallons of gas just so we can get it from the station to our trucks, that’s a lot of stuff. You can’t sell that to someone who lives in New York City. You have trucks, you have trucks and you have things; how do you compete with that?
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What I mean has to do with the price structure. You don’t want to compete against low price, you want to compete against high price, so you compete against the truck. Let’s say in my city I need 10,000 barrels a day to sell. If I got a truck from my own private farm that sells at $15, they can’t even compete with that. You have to figure out a way to make it affordable to people not on the top. I’ve gotten my own little miracle, I don’t need it, I sell it for $17.

I think a lot of the solutions are pretty simple, at first look. You just tell people why I need this and who the competition is and sell it reasonably priced. That would not make a ton of sense in today’s society. You sell it reasonably priced because in the first place, it’s much easier to sell a truck or an engine or a piece of equipment at the low price. The challenge, of course is that a truck costs the same or much more if it has a crew. In general, in a free market, you’re a lot more competitive. It’s only in the market, and it’s been my experience that that’s how it works. People make decisions around that. And you can’t make this decision for all the right reasons. You can’t just make it because you’re going to beat somebody to it and you’re going to get something, right?


Can you tell me about your R&D work? What were a few of the projects you worked on, where you created or improved on something that is now available

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