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Where do you think they get their gas from? I just want to be able to make art.”

“What kind of artist do you want to be? Do you want to be a graffiti artist?” I’m trying to have conversations, but it’s like people are just trying to talk. I’m like, this isn’t going to be a good time.

“It’s going to take too much time. Where do you think they get their gas from? I just want to be able to make art.”

But after about a six month period in which I didn’t have a full-time job, when the opportunity that I would be drawing comics and doing it fulltime, that wasn’t a real question, what I wanted to do first was to be a comics artist.
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I had a little piece of paper and I thought, I want to be a comic book artist. So I put it back and made sure it was on the back of my shirt and I took it to school just to do it. And there’s this whole art theory class that they have that is about how we actually make comic books. It really does sound interesting, but there’s also this real need for new ideas. So I went through this art theory class and made my first comic.

And then it just became this whole thing that I was into. I was just sort of obsessed with it for six months. And it just turned into this thing that I felt like I needed to draw, that there was this need for. And for me, there’s not a lot of artistic work that I have the interest or the patience to do.

I think when people say that, to a lot of people, it means I should just pick any job and do something. Of course it’s hard to just pick comics over other things, or movies. But then again, I wasn’t doing much art at that point. All I was doing was working on art and comics. I was drawing things and doing things. I just wasn’t drawing any comics, so my job for that six month period was to just sort of wait tables at Burger King, making sandwiches, because I wasn’t doing any drawing art.

Now it’s like, no, for the first six months I was making a living, so I’ll still draw comics.

So you’re working mostly in comics now?

Yeah, that’s what I was working in before. I started doing it when I was making my living

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