How do you draw a zebra?

A zebra has a flat back, with two long white stripes running over one part of its back in a horizontal row. This also represents the stripes of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep IV. There is also a zebra crest, as shown below.

When you create a zebra, the only part that needs to be drawn is the back. The white stripes are the stripes of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep IV and the zebra crest is the crest of the zebra. The only part that is really important is the tail. For details and pictures of zebra anatomy click here.

How many sides is the zebra?

There are four sides of the zebra: front, back, left and right. The three sides are joined together by a single continuous thread. This means that all the sides of the zebra are joined together and are therefore the same shape!

The front side is called the side for humans and the back side is called the side for the horse. Both sides have the same dimensions: length of the front or the front side: 21.5 cm, height of the back or the back side: 25.5 cm, width of the front or the front side: 4.1 cm and thickness of the front or the back side: 2.5 cm.

What is the zebra’s head made of?

The zebra has four ears, each has a different shape. There are four ears on each front or the front side. The ears are connected by a single long and flexible thread which forms the head.

The zebra’s back is made up of one long and flexible thread called the back flaps. These are made of four short and flexible pieces of fabric and are attached to the head by long and flexible threads called the back tabs.

How to make zebra feathers!

Fur is made by cutting a piece of animal leather and attaching it to a solid surface such as cardboard. The idea is to shape the piece of fur to make it as thin as possible. There are many ways of doing this.

In this video, you can see a zebra from the front, a zebra from the back, a zebra head and a zebra tail. The tail is also from the back of the zebra. Each of these zebra’s is made from different types of animal fur.

There is something very important in this video, you have to listen carefully :-