How do you draw an old truck? – How To Draw A Race Car Step By Step Youtube

[Laughs] My mom is an artist.

So how are you drawing it? Is it still a truck? It’s not like you’re working on it every day.

It’s not the same truck – it’s more like this old pickup that I got, and it had a lot of different parts. It’s almost like a modern version of the truck that I have now! It’s like a mashup of a lot of different things in the truck – a lot of different trucks I’ve bought over the years.

You’re not a graphic designer, so there are a lot of details and things you need to get right.

Well, I’ve had some very good art schools. I went to a couple that have a very clear, organized style of drawing that works for me. I love getting feedback from people as to how to improve something, to take things a little further, and also in terms of having a vision. So in terms of working directly from an idea and actually being there as I implement that vision, there’s a lot more to that than just working on the truck, drawing it or fixing or changing what needs to be, that really comes after that initial idea and vision. I know a lot of artists who are in the graphics industry who have very specific, kind of ‘designed’ style of drawing that doesn’t necessarily translate to the rest of their work. But they just do a lot of drawings because they like drawing. Sometimes when I’m working on anything, as you get older you’ll get a lot of advice online about drawing, and some of it just doesn’t match up with my style for sure.

In the early days of drawing, the first thing your parents taught you was drawing.

Exactly! When I was a teenager I would say to my mom: do you ever want to go for a run? And she would say yes all the time – because she always wanted me to have to run around and do all these things for her. So she was always teaching me that.

You weren’t allowed to run much at that age in your hometown.

She had a lot of problems as to how she was going to get rid of me and where I could go. And also I’m a little too slow to run, I’m always late on everything. But she would go to me when I was a little kid and say: have you ever thought about doing an illustration for me? Then I would get really excited about it,

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