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The only reason I’m drawing a car is that the parts are there. It doesn’t have to do with making a point of it, it’s just a fact. You could never actually draw a car. But it really makes you think about how you write.

You’ve already said you’re still playing “The Simpsons.” Tell me about coming up with that idea, and what it was about it that seemed relevant to your life?

I don’t really have a creative process on anything. I start, then I write on the side and we start with a bunch of other ideas. We’ve started a band, so it’s like we’ll spend a day and a half writing in a different state, writing lyrics, then we’ll spend the next day riffing on the lyrics. We’ll do that until we’ve got a song, and then we start to play it out and do the arrangement. You never really know what it turns into until it’s done.

I’ve never seen the series. I never watched the TV show. I don’t watch things that have anything to do with anything. I don’t watch commercials. I know what I want to listen to and what I don’t in a song. I don’t do commercials, so I never hear commercials. I have my own style. If I feel I need a word here or an idea there, it happens. It gets in the way of what I’ve been going for. The only thing I watch is when HBO shows and other things are doing, but I’m a huge sports fan. I watch football games and hockey games, but football, basketball, baseball. If a person of significance is doing that, I’m not going to get interested. It would never occur to me to take a look at it when it’s done. It’s only when it’s not done. I’m always interested in what is getting done and where it is. I like the world in a different sense.

So you feel that the world is in transition and not progressing. What is it that you are trying to do in terms of music?

I’m trying to make records that tell better stories, that are better than they are currently written. Music is about the people who are telling it, not the people who are singing it. I have no idea if it’s a better place or not when we sit down and write at the end of it. That’s what I was trying to do with “The Simpsons” — it would

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