How do you draw car parts? – How To Draw Cars Like A Pro Drawing Instruction Kobocollect

I draw everything with pen and paper. If you want to try drawing your own parts, you can download the drawing program Illustrator (free), the SketchUp engine, the 3D modeling software Blender (free) and the 3D printer FDM (free) all work well. You can use the program in Windows and Mac operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Mac OS X. You can also use 3D software like Maya (free) which is a powerful 3D modeling program with some great professional applications. You do not need to worry about the software to work in 3D drawing. All the software I use in this post in my computer but only in Photoshop and Illustrator. I don’t own any of the 3D modeling software and have tried several of them.

I’m not a professional 3D artist and I do not have a high enough skill to be a real professional artist but I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Blender all the way to professional end of the business. However, most 3D software will get you a decent result of drawing car parts and will offer you more opportunities to use the software to customize your drawings more or less.

My 2nd car:

My 3rd car

Note how I use Photoshop to draw car part lines and lines that have to cross. The same technique I took for these line drawings for my first car can be used for anything of car parts.

I have tried some other 3D drawing programs too like AutoCad or Noodlecake but I always used them in a single-program mode where I was just viewing my drawing, not editing. In these settings I only use Photoshop for most of the drawing and I also use Paint.NET for editing. So I don’t have to spend lots of time doing more things in 3D drawing because I can do them in Photoshop on my computer. When I need to do more complex lines in CAD, I often use the 2D modeling software Noodlecake and then 3D Studio Max to work around this.

I also like to use the other CAD software that are used in production of car assembly. I use 3DS Max (free) and SketchUp as CAD program.

Below you can see my car parts drawing with the color line. I used several color lines to create a variety of colors. Notice how the darker colors like blue, red and yellow have the same dimensions and so is my line drawing.

My drawing in Blender (

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