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The easiest method is to draw the parts you need and leave them to dry. The best parts might be in the car until you’re in the shop. You’ll get a chance to look closely later and make adjustments.

If you have no room for parts, you usually have to leave them wet in the refrigerator to dry. The parts will hold their shape for about 90-120 days. I usually leave them in the fridge for 3-5 days. This gives me a good opportunity to inspect the parts. If there are any problems with the quality or appearance the item will be shipped back for repair.

Why do you need a tool kit?

I use a large range of tools. I usually have my shop tools in there, a few tools, and a couple of drill bits. I put them away when not in use. When you’re working on the body of the car, I usually put my shop tools in the trunk. There are a number of tools you’ll need to get the parts where you need them. When you have the car in the back of the shop, you don’t need to worry about it so much.

How do you get the parts from the build shop to the car?

A simple solution is to have someone bring the parts to us. It takes a while to get the parts to the car.

How do you install the engine? Do you have it on?
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All of the parts for the turbo kit come from a turbo kit that I bought at a local garage. The car arrived with the new engine, which I had to take apart and replace because of the lack of exhaust ports.

What’s a common issue with a turbo kit?

Some of you may notice that the turbo kit is very large. It’s not a requirement. The larger the turbo, the more time it takes to mount the turbo and start driving. My kit is also a one-piece design. This means that if the stock turbo had to be removed and mounted properly, I just had to take off a piece of that turbo, put it on a new one, and then put the turbo back on.

How long will it take to get it all working?

This car is quite old and the car has been in the shop for a while. The only thing to avoid is the oil pressure dropping. It only happens a couple of times before we need one. The oil pressure is normally low for several months on a production car

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