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I draw cars because of two things. One, I’d like to have my own space and make art about building my own little world. I don’t get bored with anything any more. I’m very happy that I can do that and people are so interested in me because of it.

Second thing is with drawings, I draw because of the cars. I would love to design anything that involved cars. I draw a little bit in the sense of a cartoon. I don’t really think about it too much. I just do it.

We have a few new images from a few pages from The New 52 and it looks like a helluva lot of DC and Vertigo have made their way online. The first page shows all the DC heroes, as seen in the comics, having their costume changed, in this case we have the Justice League and the Teen Titans.

Also, the pages have new titles. Justice League is set in October and Teen Titans issues 6, 7, and 8 will be in November. The last one appears to be a mystery as there’s no hint as to what it is. It was written by Dan Didio, drawn by Scott Lobdell , colors by Greg Land and lettering by Michael Atiyeh. You can check out the full page below and stay tuned on CBR News for further information. Until next time, this is John Arcudi’s Justice League and Teen Titans!

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What’s the most boring way to do something in Game of Thrones?

I think we’re all guilty of playing something we hate. When the writers on Game of Thrones know they hate something, they make it work into the story.

One is Tyrion Lannister and another is Jon Snow, but no one’s more guilty of playing them than D.B. Weiss. We all know the way he plays his character, but maybe never have we watched his work in person.

While in the editing room, he went up to director Michael Slovis and showed him some very odd choices in editing, all of which led him to make some changes for the show’s final season.

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Weiss tells The Hollywood Reporter how he found the problems, and

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