How do you draw Deadpool? – How Do You Draw Muscle Cars

It all started with an artist I knew working on another comic that was doing an art exhibition. They sent him out to draw a drawing that would then move on into the “X-Men” title.

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From there, I started doing all sorts of things with him. I was doing the covers and the covers of some of the “X-Men” comics. It was all fun and games from there.

When do you guys start planning out future plans for that character?

There was a lot. One of the things was that they had this idea that Deadpool was going to stay around for a long time because he was just a great character and it was his character. I was doing the covers and doing the layouts for “X-Men” when we were doing “Deadpool” and I was drawing him and he was looking very cool.

We were doing two characters side by side so I started drawing him and they said, “What if we put him in a movie and it ended up being a hit?” [Laughs.] We had a lot of fun making that happen, but it was very very early in my career and I really just wanted to be creative and have a go. I wanted to have fun.

I was always doing a lot of character stuff. There was lots of stuff I was doing in my twenties and early thirties that still influenced the character. I got to be the artist that was getting to be a Deadpool.

Do you think having a movie and making a movie would help people relate to him?

It will help people understand him and help people identify with him. It makes him more relatable to the audience. It helps people understand why he wants to kill bad people and what he’s trying to accomplish in every issue.

Did you have to draw Deadpool in “X-Men: Apocalypse,” but the cover didn’t seem as fun or intense?

Not to the level that would have been expected. It wasn’t all grimdark [Laughs.]

How did that come about?

We got to this thing, like, “Is he a comic book character? He’s a superhero? Does he have a secret identity?” So this was the story line, in my mind. It was always going to be an X-man, but now they changed it because a movie would have happened, but I was never going to go there with it. It was more of a comic book.

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