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He has to draw a lot of different comic book references. If he’s not drawing the same things, if he’s not drawing the same angles or the same poses, he has to draw a bit different. And if that’s not what people want, then he doesn’t work that well because a big part of the appeal of the character is, ‘Let’s have the same exact movements that were drawn in his comics.’ There has to be something in every aspect of the drawing for a character to become a comic book.

But you’ve been drawing it for as long as you’ve been doing this. You started drawing Deadpool in 1992 for a special called Deadpool, the comic that was based around the movie in the 90s. Why did you decide to work on a character whose existence you have the opportunity to write?

I’ve been waiting for this opportunity ever since I started working with Ryan Reynolds. I grew up reading the comics I loved as a child, so it felt like the perfect way for me to create the character. I always really wanted to make the Deadpool character be a living, breathing, character, a character who wasn’t necessarily a superhero, but who was still able to show the human side of the character. Because Deadpool is not really like the other movie heroes or superhero characters who have been drawn over the years – he’s not the X-Men or the Hulk, where everything comes together, the universe comes together, the heroes are the same, just that one little bit that is different – I wanted to make it very different, but still very likable. And so that’s how the character began.

I feel like Deadpool’s sort of an amalgam of a lot of different heroes and characters.

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Exactly, and a lot of them just like it. In this case, the Deadpool character is much more like Batman, like The Punisher, like Wolverine, and a lot of people like that. But I think he does that to himself that Deadpool is like the Punisher, just that a certain element of him is more like Batman or Wolverine, but not like The Punisher. I mean that’s the thing about having the life and the adventures of a man that can’t be in the spotlight, and making sure that he does as much as he can, he’s doing what he can to keep those aspects of himself out.

His whole thing is, he’s always thinking about what’s going to happen next, and he wants a better world, he wants a better

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