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I have to draw a hair over the eyes,” said Lee Wai, who has been drawing a “Hair” pattern for 10

Wai, 56, has been the artist of choice for many artists to show their best works of drawing. But he also draws women who are thin or skinny, even the children – who are mostly young and not much older than 10 or 11.

“People want to be beautiful. They want to be as pretty as possible,” he said. “I see my work as an art movement of the middle class. I draw people who have different hair styles. They look different than what everyone else has.”

The trend in drawing has started on China’s social network Sina Weibo, with an image of Lee Wai “Jinpuk” posted as a trend on the social networking site yesterday.

“I want someone who can draw like me. I want his appearance to be like it is my own,” said a young person, identified only as “Zhong.” “I want to learn from him. It will be helpful to learn, and it will make a difference when I take my life into my hands,” Zhong wrote.

A woman identified as “Lao” said that she “loved” drawing the “Hair” trend.

Lao, 38, said: “I love it. No matter if I am on a plane or at home in front of the screen, I like drawing it.”

Lee Wai said he sees many other artists like him: “I’ve drawn people who are in better shape than me, people who are in their late teens or 20s.”

The artist has become famous for his “Easy Hairy” patterns that have captivated the nation since he began to draw them 10 years ago. Since then, he has drawn thousands of images each day using natural hair in an effort to make people like it more.

A woman and a girl are seen here at the 2012 Newbery Honorable Mention Award ceremonies

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