How do you draw easy hair? – How To Draw Car Design

 How do you draw the way I do?  I was so excited to be able to show people the progress I made.  To start off, I tried drawing my hair in a straight line while using a small amount of oil and color.  I tried to do this straight from the crown of my head down to my roots.  I kept repeating it over and over until I really liked how it looked.  I thought it was amazing how much effort was involved just to get the hair down.   I added oil and color to my hair and then took a good long look at each section and tried to find a way to keep the hair still as I made my way down my arm.   I then tried to add a bit of texture with a bit of color.   I drew the hair down to the shoulder then worked it around my arm in a straight line. Once I got the hair down to my shoulder, I started looking around at what I wanted on the front of my head.  One of the issues I ran into was trying to figure out what to draw because my hair is so short and straight.  There are a lot of ways to show off a hairstyle without it being too big.   I came up with the basic shape that I think makes most hair look good (straight, smooth, relaxed) and added the texture from my previous illustration.  The texture is kind of a straight line for all four inches and I did some kind of tumbling at the ends.      When I was done with everything I was very happy with the end result and I just had a great time sketching.  
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This is a very detailed picture, but I still tried to do a lot of extra work to make sure that my hair looked good.  After drawing it, I added the hair for comparison.  
I think I did an ok job with my hair.  I was very satisfied with how I got it all and I don’t see anything wrong with it except for the slight shape issues which I corrected in the same tutorial and a post I did about how I got the pattern of hair.   So now that I think about it… I can’t go back and change the proportions because my hair is so thin.  I really hate straight hair like mine but I feel like I can look very cool in it. So here I am, a little bit of hair and I still can’t decide if I want to have it straight like

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