How do you draw easy hair? – How To Draw Car Step By Step For Kids

It happens with one brush stroke, because your eyeliner is a very fine brush. You can go crazy when you want, but never too much.
This is how to draw easy hair, using a very gentle brush like this one. You will not be able to achieve this look in a natural way. You might be thinking, “I’m going crazy”, but you don’t have to, but there is a lot you can do to enhance it. You might have noticed my tutorial before on how to draw a good look with eyeliner? It will apply here too.
For the very last step, you will have to go a bit darker than usual because the pencils are very dark. Use a softer brush. 
Do you see the beauty?
Now you have a look. I used the very last step on the skin, but you can do some more tricks to change it a bit. If your eyeliner is too dark, you can make the eye itself a light red or beige. It’s up to you to be creative.
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If rates kept rising at the same pace they are now

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