How do you draw easy hair?

The hair is not only the easiest part of drawing, the hair also makes it more realistic and gives it a lot of life. It has to be a natural hair, with just a little amount of colour and nothing else. If we don’t get proper colour in hair, it doesn’t look good. So if we colour it and leave it for more than a day or two without taking it out of the hair, it becomes very messy and we risk losing some detail in the character. This can also be seen in movies: you see the best hairstyles are not only those that are not taken very seriously. One of the best hairstyles used in movies is a natural hair. You want to draw a cool character without any kind of unnatural hair.

Why draw a character’s hair when it’s supposed to be a beard?

It’s a similar answer but for different reasons. A lot of anime shows are based on historical facts. If you look over historical manga, you get the same story: one thing causes two wars. The reason for the first war is not clear; for the second one, we don’t really know. So naturally you start to make comparisons of a character’s facial hair to the historical character to fill in the gaps – but the beard is much harder to depict. With a realistic beard, you can easily make the beard look like a real beard. When you apply the same effect to a facial hair, it is hard to create some kind of relation for the reader. In some anime, the character starts out with straight hair and then turns into a very long beard. It is not a good look.

So I was telling you that in some anime the character starts out with straight hair and then loses the hair. I guess this happens to a lot of people when they watch anime. They expect the characters to have been cut or dyed or changed in some way.

Do you know the answer to your question?

Yes. That’s true. Some anime show off the characters completely with their natural hair. So you have some natural characters but you can also have very artificial looking characters. When that happens, the audience is expecting a real-life character. It doesn’t make any sense because we aren’t really expecting that.

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