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Do the people of this island have a favorite?

Oh yeah, a lot of them do. Some of them don’t have a favorite, but they’ll say, “No, you didn’t answer that question.”

What is your favorite scene at work?

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Oh, of course there’s that, the turtle story. So it’s funny, when we did the last few of the movies, a lot of what we wrote got cut in editing. Some actors would say, “I don’t know if I can do that now.” Then we’d get a new line, and they’d say, “You’ve got to do that.” We just made them rehearse and they said, “Right.” Then the scenes come in, and they go, “I can do that now.” We’d say to them, “Well, can you take a chance in this? Can you tell us if you will?” Some of the actors who didn’t get all that great lines would say, “All right, I can do that now.”

Your last movie saw a lot of changes. How were you able to keep the cast and crew coming back?

Well, that’s always the way with any film — everybody stays. We would always have to go through reshoots because we were constantly changing the script. And that would be a very long, long time, just because of the schedule they live by, and I think it is very satisfying and very humbling to get these people back because they are truly wonderful. And we have had so many great actors over time, whether they were actors or directors, and just being around them so much and being able to see them evolve and grow and become better and better as people in such a short amount of time, has been, I think, a big draw to this process.

Do you think of yourself as a filmmaker or a journalist?

As a filmmaker, of course. This is a different type of film altogether. As a journalist, I think I can say that because most of the people working on this were on such a film that was so well received, so in tune, and had such an incredible cast, and so well received, it just made sense. What we were doing wasn’t a documentary — so, no.

Do you have a favorite scene in the series?

I have the scene with the chicken in episode 1 and with that scene in episode 1.

Was anyone involved in making that scene or were

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