How do you draw hair?

It’s pretty much all about the tip. I start at the base of the face, pulling my hair forward so my face is slightly rounded. There are very few things I can’t do here. It helps to get your head and face in a bit of a flat position, though.

Your hair is the most flexible part of your body, so what type of hair should you focus on?

I don’t know! It depends on my mood. I can’t think of specific looks, except that I like a high bun, but that depends on the situation. Also, if I’m out and about with a lot of people (like, I’m probably a really pretty model or something, so I’m pretty confident about wearing a high bun), then maybe it may be a bit too tight and I’d look like someone I don’t know.

Do you have any tips on how to look good?

The biggest tip I can give is to go with the flow. If you’re wearing clothes, don’t go for a certain style that matches the whole outfit, it’s better to choose a style of dress that looks good for your frame. Don’t wear the same outfit over and over if it’s bad for you. It’s always better to try out different things, rather than settling on one! Also, choose something and stick with it long enough so it looks good, that way a good haircut doesn’t look too bad.

What’s next for your career?

I always have lots of ideas for clothing, especially for weddings. I’ve been doing some work doing clothes for wedding bands and events, but I’m hoping to do more clothing full time.

Do you prefer men’s or women’s clothing?

Men’s is probably more versatile. I’m pretty sure if I lived in the US, it would be a bit more difficult for me to find anything I wanted to wear, so I prefer it. I am a little disappointed that I don’t find a lot of womens stuff. I am so glad that I can keep my head at the same time.

I don’t know if it’s more difficult for men to go for high bangs than for men to go for a tight bun. But I’m very happy where I am. Women can go high or tight, although I would recommend going for the same shape.

Any final words?

I’m grateful for all the compliments. The reason I keep making pictures like this is