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If you draw lips from a photograph, how do you draw them? Do you draw them from a photograph?



SARAH GREENBERG, CNN: Well, there’s no question. This is how you make a pretty face. Now, a lot of people think your nose should be drawn. Why? And I don’t know how many people think you should draw a hand.


GUNN: So why isn’t it drawn? Why should it be drawn? I love drawing, but I think it’s a mistake. It’s sort of like learning to play the piano – it just seems wrong. I like drawing things I see. But I want to teach you how to draw them. So here are – this is the first couple of steps. You’re going to go down into your closet and start with three black pieces of fabric.

So here are the – what is this black cloth stuff? It’s a piece of fabric we’re all familiar with. What – what’s the big difference?

Now, each one has a little dot or some dot-like mark on the end of it. So, in this case it’s a little, tiny dot here. So where are these dot-like marks on the end?

So when you cut these pieces of fabric to get them to match up correctly, what you’re going to do is you’re going to cut just a little bit less than the size of…



SARAH GREENBERG, CNN: I have this little tape measure here, this little, tape measure, and I’m going to go in here and I’m going to put it in between the two of the pieces. And I’m going to measure the length of these pieces.

SINGER: A little over three feet.

SARAH GREENBERG, CNN: And this is a long, thin piece of fabric here. And then what happens is, you’re going to turn the piece of fabric so that you’re going to put this little line here. If you look at that tape measure, it’s a little bit larger than that. So what this does is it means they’re overlapping slightly, which is the opposite of what the little dot on the end of it would tell you when you drew it.

Now you can see

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