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Is it the technique you use (and how it is achieved)? What is your approach to the line? What do you think is attractive and how do you approach it?

When I draw lips I think about the lips themselves; how they have shaped the face, shaped the eyes and what they say about the personality. They say a lot about the personality, this is not because of anatomy, just from the shape.

My approach is similar to one of you; I think about what it means to look “normal” on the outside, so to speak. I like to draw lips that are symmetrical, rounded and straight.

In addition you draw a lot of lines and curves, and I do the same. When people look at my drawing they see a lot of things which look normal or normal in shape but not the way I see them.

When it comes to the line, I can’t really say. I don’t have an internal process that lets me create it. It just emerges out of instinct. I just need to draw, it’s easier said than done…

How do you feel about getting attention? I feel very good in getting noticed, especially people who are already “famous.” But with your “new” art style, how do you think people view your art? How do you get noticed as a new artist?

I feel quite happy to be noticed – it has been a long time since I had so much people following me. I feel quite at ease when I hear people say “Oh! You have a new art!” and it feels very special.

I was always an artist that wanted to draw pictures and not be the guy that showed them. So I try hard to be the one who shows them, rather than try to draw the pictures. You see, drawing is actually much harder than doing painting – people want to know the meaning and feel of something.

But still, I feel it’s good to be “famous” for drawing a picture, because I think that gives the person who likes it more hope to keep searching for more.

What do you think people look for in art in general? Some people think that “a painting is not painting, it’s just the artist’s artistic expression through his art.”

Well, that’s the case in a very limited sense, but I think people are looking for more than simple “expression”. One of them was the artist who wanted to express his feelings through his art – that’s the

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