How do you draw the front of a car? – How To Draw Cars 3 Imac Pro 2020

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Here is the process for drawing the front of a car. There are some specific tips, here.

The front of a car has two layers. The first is the paint, and one layer in between is the white foam (or “sand”). The foam is placed down between the two layers. The paint is the big block of blue. It is then placed with a small pencil on top of the front section of the car. The pencil makes lines that lead off to the side, as well as to the back of the car.

In some cases, I will use the same tool to draw both sides of the car than just the front, so that the car doesn’t have the same “flap” appearance. For example, the car seen here is the very first example of the same car. This is the front of the car seen with the side of the front facing out, and the side of the rear facing in.

I try to use the same paper for both sides to save time. You can also use a smaller paper size to make certain lines easier to draw. For example, the lines on the road in this image are just the small areas that go from left to right.

After you have a line drawn, take your knife (or crayon or any other sharp object!) and begin to gently move this line through the paint, or sand. Try not to be overly rough, but you can go further if you like!

To make sure that you are cutting the line right, have a friend or someone else hold the line with either a pencil or your fingers, but be careful not to cut into the paint or the foam. This will destroy the line that you have drawn.

Make sure if you need the drawing to be bigger so that you can get an accurate measurement.

I always have my friend hold my line to ensure accurate measurements.

Once the line is drawn, you can get started on a new section, or even a whole car!

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