How do you sketch a car for beginners? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Sketches Of Dragons

How do you sketch a car in paint? How do you go from sketch to painting for all of these cars?

Well, here is a short tutorial on how to do that. It can be done in any color and is pretty easy for even people who have never been to Photoshop. To help you out, we will cover the following in this tutorial.

Inks to Paint

You need to get an ink bottle. Your color will be the colors you use in the sketch. Inks that you have on hand will allow you to do your sketch. After you make the strokes of the paint job, put in the white inks on the ink bottle and mix with the acrylic paint.

The next step is to use the brush to fill in the lines as you paint in your sketch. After putting the white inks on and mixing with the acrylic paint, your white inks should be the same as the colors you want. It is better to let the pigment set longer before using on the paint so you get a good ink with less stickiness.

I recommend doing a basic color sketch before you even draw a car so that you know how colors work. Just make sure that you are not using too much color.

Inks to Paint On The Car

For your color sketches, your sketch can be on anything but I like to sketch white first like picture below:

Then I start to use one color at a time just to make sure that I get a good brushstroke. For example, picture below:

Once I get a white sketch with good brushstrokes I start to do the next color just to be sure that I have the right color.

After that I add one more color. For example, picture below:

You can make good pencil sketches without all of this math, but if you start adding colors too fast it can get messy. A really good practice to do this is to do a paint job first and then a pencil sketch.

Inks to Paint on the Car Cover

For this step, you can use the same principle for the color sketch with the same color inks. If you want to paint an inks cover, use this technique. You can use anything from a clear to a very light colored spray bottle. I just like to use watercolor paper that looks like a very pretty water lily and has the color of the color you need.

I used the above waterlily picture to illustrate this

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