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Here are some of the most common:

The first few points:

• Take a look at what you can do as a runner. If anyone tells you that you’re a “good runner” you’re lying! Here are some ways that are helpful, but not indispensable:

1. Be flexible. Run with the tempo. Do what feels best to you. The tempo allows you to feel confident and allow the other runner to run their agendas. Be willing to let a runner run agendas before your turn, even if it means getting stuck behind a barrier.

2. Play small. There are no “magic” cards, but you can play around them by not clicking as much for cards. Don’t play too many agendas on your turn, save your resources for bigger plays.

3. Read what the server looks like. If you see a one-click agenda, try to see what else can be done with it! Sometimes the best play is to use your turn to find out which ice is vulnerable to a 2-click asset.

4. Do what it feels right to do. If your opponent has a single ice in their remote, you’ll want to do what’s right for your turn. If they have more than one, you may not have a choice but to let them draw agendas or deal with the agenda you don’t have. Just make your choice based on what feels the most like the way that you want to win the game.

5. Keep your ice on the table. This means that you make sure that you have one ice for every runner, server and runner-equivalent card in their deck. This is generally a good idea because you need to have a “safe ice” on every board if you want the runner to have a reasonable chance to score a crucial agenda.
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6. Use your resources. You have a strong economy, but you may not be able to get all the damage in to a server without ice. That’s why cards like Jackson Howard help you find damage cards and get through the ICE. Use resource cards to keep your economy afloat.

• Learn what cards don’t do what. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep your economy strong without using assets like Jackson Howard:

• Use ICE, ice that can’t be scored with ICE. If you don’t have any ice, but have a Jackson Howard on a server, Jackson Howard will let you use 1/3 of the ice to find a scoring server.

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