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What should I do to help people to understand these ideas? I ask myself these questions often and find that the most effective ideas come with the help of others. If I could only write a book every day and write it by helping people, then it would be called “Advice from a Non-Advice Writer: How to Help People Understand Ideas, Thoughts, and Feelings.”

What do I have to do to help people to understand these ideas?
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My first question is: help them to understand these specific ideas in a way that is meaningful and can be accepted as true. It is a huge challenge. I am not so much looking for a book of a hundred ideas, but to build up a huge library of useful ideas. For me it is like looking for people who can talk me out of the road to somewhere else and not getting into trouble. It is really difficult to persuade someone that what is true is not true, especially about difficult or unpleasant truths.

My second question is: how to help people to accept and understand these ideas in the way that is not self-serving or narrow. There is another important question that needs to be addressed here, and that is how do I help them to build up to accepting these ideas in the way that they are useful and worth sharing?

Another good way to help is to make their lives more meaningful and interesting. We are all learning and having a lot more fun when we are doing things like volunteering at a restaurant, taking on new jobs, writing articles about topics that interest us, getting together for a good time, etc. If it is possible to make something meaningful to these people, then we can have at least some positive influence on their life. What is more important that the idea or idea that has a positive influence on the lives of their children, their spouse, their friends and their family?

As for myself, what do I have to do to help people to accept and understand these ideas? I have a large library of useful ideas. I have made use of them. I am not asking anyone to accept my book.

But do I have to tell people about them? I do not want to do that as I think that is a very self-important and self-serving thing to do because most people are not really interested in that.

Most ideas I create and give to people are usually just like me. These are ideas that have been shared to me, read about in books, or heard by others who I have

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