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My favorite: a full color Giclee sheet featuring the full front and back of the book. They’re perfect for hanging up on any wall or wall hanger. The book is so high quality you can feel the quality. That will make you look at it, and you’ll say. “That’s worth a million bucks.”

When the Chicago Bulls were winning titles in the mid-1980s and ’90s, their big-name fans—the guys who would go on to make millions in the NBA—got their start with the Chicago White Sox. They lived the good life, eating sushi, drinking wine, shopping for designer clothes, going on dates. They watched the playoffs on TV.

Now? They’re retired. One of the team’s founding fathers, Mike Dunleavy, died of cancer in 2009. Others have died of cancer. The fans are gone forever, and with them has been the Chicago White Sox.

It is a terrible place to live, a miserable place to watch baseball, a city that no longer loves baseball except when it’s there. This team can’t be that much longer the one that brought success back to a city it hasn’t embraced since.

“It’s a great shame, man,” says the exultant former White Sox catcher Scott Rolen.

A few years ago when the Sox were in town, there was a group of the city’s biggest people who loved their team, like a citywide sports league. It was a gathering in downtown Chicago’s Grant Park at the old Astor Theater, a place known by the baseball people as the site of baseball’s “first night on the job.” Some of the team’s old players, in uniform and some not, were in town. They took in the sights and visited with fans.

“We had a great time,” says one Chicago journalist.

One of those old players was Barry Bonds. The second baseman has always had a soft spot for the city of his origin—his dad was from Chicago, while his mother was raised in New Jersey. The Yankees gave Bonds a four-year contract extension, but he also wanted to go to the White Sox of the early 1990s. Bonds was a kid of that era—he wanted to learn baseball, he wanted to win games. There was only one problem: If he went to Chicago, a baseball town, he’d have to change his team. The White Sox of the early 1990s had moved into what was then the old Polo

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