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Was the job the same as the flapper? What was the job like for a worker at a flapper’s factory? Was it similar to the job a factory worker had or different? Did their union have a say in their wages? How much did their union influence their wages?

AUSTIN, Texas — The FBI arrested several top Texas Democrats as part of the investigation into the 2013 killing of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich that continues.

At least four Democrats, including state Sen. Wendy Davis, have now been charged with a felony with “conspiracy to impede or interfere with the due administration of justice.” Among those arrested were Democratic Party operative and Democratic fundraiser Meg Meyers, who was charged with conspiracy, conspiracy to launder money, and failure to file campaign reports.

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said on Monday that the charges laid out in the federal indictment are too much “too soon.”

“It’s too painful to see our colleague Seth Rich murdered, to learn that the person responsible for his murder and the murder of many others went on to protect a powerful political party, and more importantly, to protect a career politician,” Hinojosa said in a statement to Fox News.

Meyers has represented himself as a special counsel of a congressional committee investigating the DNC hack and leak. “The Rich family and the FBI have requested my resignation and I am honored to accept it,” Meyers told Fox host Sean Hannity.

“It was an honor to serve with Congressman [Raul] Grijalva and do so for nearly four years,” he added. Grijalva is the former congressman for Arizona’s 9th congressional district who served in the Obama administration.

On Monday, Fox News reported that police have confirmed that a laptop owned by Seth Rich was on a D.C. police investigation. Police in Washington D.C. told TheDC that they have been monitoring the laptop since January 2016, but nothing has proven to have been discovered on it.

“There has been no indication of foul play whatsoever,” Chief Peter Newsham, a D.C. police spokesperson, told Fox. “There [are] no signs of forced entry, no indication of forced destruction, and no indication of any unusual or suspicious activity.”

“We don’t find anything out of the ordinary during these ongoing investigations,” he added.

Authorities have been looking at Rich’s laptop since May 2016, following the DNC hack, Fox reported

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