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Or is this about a whole different thing?

This idea is a lot of fun to think about. It would also explain why she has such a high profile. In fact, it really does give a lot of fodder and a lot of information to the characters! Let me explain what I am trying to prove in this piece.

What is this idea of a high profile businesswoman having high profile jobs?

Why is it that she is not only an artist, but also a fashion designer?

Why did she want to go into fashion at a young age?

She is going to look at this as a potential career in the future. What is going to be her next career move later on in life?

Why does she live in a penthouse flat? Does she need a penthouse for this to work?

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Why could she live in this place in the middle of the streets if she does not need one to work and enjoy her life?

Why do we think something like this is going to happen? Would she live a private life?

I am not suggesting here that she would live alone. I would say that she could live with close friends. But that would make her seem more of a free woman! That would also leave open a question for us. Did she use her own funds (or at least that’s what we think) to buy a penthouse flat for herself?

She is obviously a very wealthy woman and that would mean that she does not need a high income to live in the posh areas. And even if she did own a penthouse flat, it would only mean that she could afford expensive food and alcohol. If she lived in the middle of the city and was not in a car, it would mean that she needed a car to get around. In addition, if she could afford a car and the price of petrol rose a little, it would mean that she would have some extra money to spend on alcohol.

Is this also the reason why she is not very active for the government? She is not very active with politics and would rather keep the money she earns.

Why did she get so lucky with her parents? She had a great home life and the chances of her parents getting married on time or having children of their own were high.

When she was young, their divorce did not last more than four months. During this period of time she continued to stay in contact with her mother and was a very good

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