Did flappers wear boas? – 20S Flapper Dress Amazon

Yes, according to the flapper.

Does everyone just get away with stuff?

Not in our culture. In ours, the people with the meanest or most outrageous behaviour are the ones who end up in trouble with the law.

Does the culture support the kind of sexism and sexism that I just described?

Well, that’s a very good question! As far as we know, flappers aren’t as sexist as men. But, we need some evidence to back up our assumptions.

So, how should we start to get our hands on this evidence?

Well, the obvious answer: study the flappers! We have some data that flappers are more interested in looking attractive to strangers than in finding and spending time with others.

And flappers are, let’s admit it, very pretty. So we should see whether the flapper culture actually does reward men in the same way as a society whose sexual culture was created to reward men for looking attractive to women rather than to those of other genders.

To measure this, there’s one more thing you might do: see if people in our flapper culture seem to get away with more, and with more, violence against women than people in a society that is more sexist.

If you’re still not impressed by my theory, check out this quote: “It makes sense that a man who wants to attract attention and who wants to be a good flapper would act aggressively and violently towards women. After all, a woman has to attract attention to attract the attention of a man. So if a man acts aggressively and violently towards a woman, she has to give him attention, so the man can attract attention.

But this doesn’t explain everything that’s wrong with the flapper culture, and perhaps it won’t even apply to every particular flapper.

Here’s what I think’s going on: most flappers seem to view themselves and their actions as pretty normal human behaviour. To be a good flapper, for instance, you need to look like a good flapper. You need to wear provocative clothes. You need to have a strong body. And yes, all of those are good things.

And it’s not just that they’re looking pretty good. It’s that they’re also engaging in these behaviours that are expected of people like them. We should be suspicious, though, of the idea that looking pretty good is not something common in flapper culture.


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