Did flappers wear long gloves? – Women’s Plus Size 5X Flapper Dresses

No, but this is what they do with them

Celtic players are sometimes given short trousers

But sometimes the gloves are also worn at the same time to reduce the risk of an accidental cut on the neck

How tall is a flapper in comparison to another person?

A flapper who was half her age could be a football player

In other words, a flapper with a very short figure and a very taller person would look like an athlete

Does flapper have a job?

She does not, she just enjoys the clothes and enjoys wearing them

Does flapper have to wear a bra?

No, she does not

How tall is my friend from Uni?

He is 5’5″, and flappers are taller than him

What day does your boyfriend or girlfriend go to a party?
Gatsby 1920s Flapper Girl - YouTube

It is Friday the 13th, or at the latest, on Monday the 15th

What is your favourite food?

Hamburgers, pasta

What time does your favourite TV show start?

11am and 1am respectively (you need to be watching the channel in order to see it)

Can you play music?

No, but she can play her guitar

Would your partner consider being a flapper?

No, she does not have the time or energy to become a flapper

What color are your shoes?

Brown, not red

What is your height?

In comparison to the opposite sex, she is tall

Are there any celebrities or politicians that you would do well to meet?

All of the above at once (including the Pope, obviously.)

It’s not easy to be a flapper. What makes it difficult?

She has to be ready to put on a show, and be attractive to all the guys, that she might encounter on the street

How do I become a flapper?

Find out what the profession means to you

Find out your interests and goals

Find out that some people think flappers are pretty and that they can change people’s lives

Learn to speak (or read) Spanish

Learn to read and write a decent amount of English. (Some studies have said that flappers who go to college do better than people who don’t go to college)

Learn a bit of makeup

Learn how to dance, including

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