Did they wear tights in the 1920s? – Flapper Dress Pattern Mccalls

No (but this was a very hot time). They probably had tights, just not in the same way. They would have had pajamas, but these days they’re much more of a thing. And of course there is probably still underwear, because there was nothing else.

The 1920s were a big turning point in underwear and body modification. How about a story of the first one?

There was an advertisement that appeared in the July 1920 issue of Sports Illustrated. There was an ad that was very sensational. It showed a lady wearing some very tight tights and she had some little tights for her hands and feet. It said ‘Gift from the Girl Who Won’t Stop’. It was so sensational. And it was quite popular.

And it was actually a girl from the Philippines — this was a country that was trying to get out of the colonial rule. You know when women were allowed to vote. They wanted to be a part of the government. So she was wearing these tights, and this was supposed to be from an American company, but it was really from another country, and she had to leave the country immediately because of the slave trade.

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That’s the only thing I had heard. So, we looked up to her. We always thought we would be slaves one day. But the point is — and I remember a really fascinating story from a different time, where girls would buy things at a fair, and they would have a big tent, and they would take the things apart, and put them together, and they’d sell them at a fair. And what I think is amazing was that they were really selling all the things that they bought for the faire, like clothes and toys and even flowers (laughs). And so women would actually have their own little shops. Like, you go to a fair and you buy your clothes, and you get them at these tiny stalls. And then you have these little stalls where people can sell those. And it’s a huge show at fairs.

Oh. That’s interesting.

Women would have their own shops.

So you could go for a dress, and if someone doesn’t have one — no way! You’d walk in with a dress as a gift, and they’d hand you a tiny dress and that was it. And your dress was so tight, that you would never go out without it, to wear it.

I can’t wait to see this movie!

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