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Flappers were born as early as 1915 in Germany when a group of young Jewish women went to the front lines to fight in World War I. They were among the many hundreds of thousands of people that went to Europe to join, in various numbers, the various armies on both sides. While others came home and married young. The women were the leaders of the group and in 1916 a group was formed that the women named “Flappers.” The name caught on and was first used in Germany.

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One of the most important and influential groups that made their presence known to the world was the American Flappers, a group composed of a group of young women who fought with the United States in World War I. In 1916 they fought under the American flag and, as women, they were given a special right to have their photographs taken by President Wilson who also gave them a chance to see the US. At the end of their life, they were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor which was later presented to President Reagan when he was still in his early twenties. There is a great quote from a member of this group “When I look back on it, I can see things I would never have known were there had I not been in France. It’s really a remarkable thing.”

Some people are confused with the modern day women who wear a “man’s look” which, as I said a moment ago was common in early women’s rights activism, but the term “man’s look” had already been used within the world of jazz. Jazz singers started to dress with their hair down to “appear” like men, which lead to a trend where the men were made to wear men’s hats, while the women could wear hats with their hair cut short. This was often referred to as a “man’s look” or “man’s style.”

Another term that is frequently used between the women is “the flapper look.” This phrase can either be used as one of the terms when describing the style of the movement, or it can be used to describe the style of a woman who shows more of their legs and the skirt on their legs than the men in their groups.

There were a lot of different women that wore the “man’s look”. During the 1930s some women wore short skirts in skirts with no top. This would become so popular that an even shorter skirt would be called a “slim skirt” or “slim flapper skirt.” These girls would wear skirts like this as a way

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