How did flappers wear their hair? – Flapper Dress Accessories

What hairstyles did women in the late-nineteenth century wear? And how did we get our hair so clean and straight without shaving? Today’s episode takes a look at the story of the woman who started all that and the people who came after her. Free View in iTunes

27 Explicit Episode 51 – It’s Always in Summer In this week’s episode we’re introducing a brand new segment: The Shaggy Diner: a look at movies and musicals from the ’40s and ’50s starring characters from the 1930s and ’40s, and the characters in them. In addition, we continue our look at Hollywood’s obsession with the summer, Free View in iTunes

28 Clean Episode 50 – The Last of the Fabulous Fools For this week’s show we’ve asked our listeners to tell us a story. This week’s topic is: “What’s My Line About a Dude?” You’ve probably heard that line many times before. It was first introduced as an answer to the popular quiz. When it was used in a film at the turn of the twenty Free View in iTunes

29 Clean Episode 49 – A Very Merry Emancipation Day On this week’s show we asked our listeners to tell us a bit about themselves, and they offered a range of memorable experiences. We talked about how you can find happiness without the need to go to a barbershop, and about the great freedom the Beatles gave us the first time they arrived at the gate of S Free View in iTunes

30 Clean Episode 48 – I Dream of the Lonely Mountain In the summer of 1856, two young women in North Dakota were on their way to the Grand Tetons, the famous mountain range in Wyoming. It was a hot sunny day, and on a dusty road with few cars, they drove for a hundred miles. A horse reared at them, and when it didn’t notice them, t Free View in iTunes

31 Clean Episode 47 – The Hanging of the Ten Commandments This week on a very special episode, we have been asking people about the Ten Commandments. The commandments are a very special part of the religion of most Americans—and in some communities, these commandments are more important than the Bible. But it’s easy to confuse them, Free View in iTunes

32 Clean Episode 46 – The World’s Greatest Superhero This week on a very special episode, we’re talking about a character who is often associated with superheroes, but is often forgotten by the general public: Superman

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