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The flapper’s life is a tale of transformation!

Flappers have an interesting life. They are the poster child of the radical feminist movement of the late 1940s and early 1950s. The flapper was an activist on issues of dress and appearance – especially sexual and racial discrimination, but she also brought her own style, clothing and lifestyle with her. By the 1950s, the flapper was an internationally recognised symbol of female empowerment. Yet, the flapper lived in an extremely patriarchal society, which made her difficult. The flapper had already been an activist for the rights of women in her home country of Hungary, but in these new-fashioned societies, she would be seen as ‘un-feminine’ and thus not be welcome. However, through her flappers’ lifestyle, the flapper created an extraordinary amount of female energy and freedom.

The history of women’s movements that began in the late 1950s and early 1960s continues to today.

An important feature of the flapper is her strong independence – she was often very independent, having many independent boyfriends (sometimes as many as 10), including her ex-boyfriend – and even her ex-husband. The fact that she was an activist in her own right meant that she was willing to challenge the sexist culture of her society.

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The flapper was seen as a rebel and also a good-natured person. In fact the flapper had a reputation for being ‘a true flapper’, but it is because she had an independent mind that many people felt that they could not be influenced by her beauty. Even when they did go back to their homes, the flappers often had their own bedrooms and had their own bedrooms- they felt liberated from the constraints of the strict home.

The flapper’s life was also marked by great struggles. The biggest challenge for the flapper was balancing the pressures of a highly-glamorous and demanding job with their own need for time out, but this is only one side of the flapper story.

There are several conflicting accounts of the flapper’s life – but if anyone believes an account that is untrue, it must be rejected. For example, for many years, it was suggested that the flapper was a housewife – or perhaps even the wife of a husband, who later separated from her and married the flapper. This would make her a “housewife in a house”.

In any case, the flapper was also a housewife and for

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