How did the flapper changed women’s roles?

“In its broadest definition, the use of a female’s face by a man represents an extension of her agency to participate within a male-dominated relationship with his spouse and/or partner,” researchers said.

There were no major gender differences in the role that flappers played, including how much flapperdom participants had. For example, men on the Internet often use photos of naked women, like that of Jessica Simpson in the 2000 film “Seen ‘Em All.”

“This work demonstrates that some people — especially women — are still able to be flappers. The women who were flappers were not necessarily acting in the way women have historically been depicted in literature and film,” authors said.

“Flapper” is a feminine nickname applied when women dress provocatively in the 1920s and 1930s and entertain a man on an evening out.

Flappers, meanwhile, are a subset of the American female rock ‘n’ roll and folk music scene that started in the 1930s. They were often the “good girls,” and often did not go to college.

Researchers said the study is useful because it could help women develop their careers or gain greater understanding of the flapper experience.
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“Because flappers were not associated with the more conventional role of single woman raising children on their own, men have had a unique opportunity to learn about the flapper gender in addition to the popular depiction of the subject as a sexual object as portrayed in literature or film,” researchers noted.

The study was published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

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