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This was the only question I wanted to ask my friend.

So, I asked him when he has been trying to do 20s, and here is the story he provided:

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“Every day i’ve been trying to improve on my curls for about 4 years. I’ve never been a very strong and powerful individual, so i’ve always tried in vain to add some muscle and power from a different direction. I started to use my bodyweight for curls, and slowly progressed to doing pull-overs on the bar instead of using dumbbells or the handles of a machine. As a result I started to increase my bodyweight almost 50 percent every two weeks.”

I was curious to dig deeper and find out his secret to his huge biceps (if you can say that), and he replied with the following: “My secret is to do some serious stretching. First off every curl (or whatever it is you’re doing) must come from the chest to the bar, using both the chest muscles as well as the biceps. Secondly, stretching is a big part of my training. If it wasn’t for stretching we wouldn’t be able to do all the curls you need to build the back, forearms, and arms! It’s so important to stretch. If I don’t stretch, i can’t make any muscle fiber contract, so i can’t get stronger. So you want to stretch all the muscle fibers every time you’re doing any type of contraction, and keep it in shape for that time and when you’re doing any curl. So do some cardio every time you do a curl, too! It may sounds odd, but i like to do it and get some nice oxygen from the gym, too! Another thing you can do is, and it’s my favorite, to do some body weight moves every other day. This isn’t necessary every day. Every day, however, if i want to get stronger, i’ll do a full body workout. This will give me a ton of muscle mass, but it also helps your cardio as well!

So there you have it, my guys! Hopefully you’ll find this helpful and useful. Have any questions or comments? Please do let me know about it. I’d be glad to answer.

All the best and Thanks!!!


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