How do you do 20s curls? – Flapper Dress Spotlight

How about the 20-inch-ish curls of Max Reeder? No, it’s not like the old days. When I was starting out with my own curls, back in the mid-90s, I was looking at guys who were 6-foot-4, in the best shape of their lives and they were doing curls and looking like they were on national TV, with the best coaches, with the most expensive machines, and it was all for nothing. It’s not like anyone is making that money these days. The curls they were doing from then on could really hurt an average-looking six-foot-4 guy.

Did you actually go up to their level that early in your career?

I didn’t. Then later, the machines got cheaper and cheaper and the machines got easier, but the curls I was doing had to be done without moving the bar off of your chest. This was in the 90s, and they were still doing that. I’ve never touched a machine since. I’m a better bencher, but that’s all that matters. I didn’t see myself getting into a machine in the 90s—it was too far back. I started out doing curls in the 90s, and my legs didn’t get the best of use from them because, as they say, you need to go down a few notches. So I started to get into the gym and the guy had really good arms, so he taught me how to do them, and I put in my 20s, did a bit of curls and lost it, which happened to me every other set back then.
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Do you have a coach now that you use? Any special advice for someone who wants to try their first program?

Yeah, and it’s really different than anything else I’ve done. The old coaches just had no clue. I remember a guy who I used to train on the Westside [Hills gym in Toronto], he was so bad I hated training with him. He’d leave everything on the floor and sit on the bench. Every set he would fail and come up for a rep, and he’d do 10 reps over the first three sets. It was like he wasn’t very experienced, and I felt like I could have done better with him. And I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of time I’d spend going there to do what he said. I just hated it. So, when I moved on to Max, I thought, I’m

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